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Where It All Started

My Father, Alberto Nayor Senior was introduced to the fascinating world of Diamonds in Havana Cuba as an apprentice in a Diamond cutting factory. Within two years he had become the head of the Diamond Cutting Factory.

When World War II ended, those factories moved from Havana to New York and Alberto Senior went with them. Years later and with his own money, Alberto Senior returned to Havana Cuba to open the first “Nayor Jewelers”. After many successful years, things changed in Cuba and Alberto Senior was forced to move his family to Puerto Rico to start all over again.

Throughout my childhood in Puerto Rico, my education in jewelry began as I saw my father buy and sell Diamonds, Jewelry and Precious Stones. As my passion for the trade grew I decided to attend the Gemological Institute of America, the most prestigious school for the jewelry trade.

In 1982, Fresh out of High School I embarked to Los Angeles to continue my education in the field of Gems and Gemology.

There, in Santa Monica, I earned my degrees in Diamonds, Colored Stones, Jewelry Design, Jewelry Manufacturing and Graduate Gemologist.

In 1985, I returned to Puerto Rico with all of my degrees to open Nayor Jewelers with my two sisters, Berthy and Malena Nayor. This was the first of three retail locations.

Berthy Nayor has a Gemology degree and is the most respected jewelry appraiser in the Caribbean with a list of clients ranging from US Marshall Service, US Customs, Estate Attorneys and Insurance Companies. Malena Nayor, concentrated in sales and customer relations. And I of course bought and sold.

We sold the retail operations and evolved to working exclusively by appointment and with select clients.

Since 1985, I have been buying and selling Diamonds and Jewelry. Most of the important Jewelry and Diamonds that I acquired I sold overseas to dealers and jewelers.

These Business relationships that I have made throughout the years have blossomed and are still strong and growing everyday. This is what allows me to pay top dollar for your diamonds and jewelry. I have a ready market for large Diamonds and Important Jewelry.

My Life from the History of my family to my own experience has groomed me as a jeweler. We have experience in every aspect of the business and then some. If you are looking for a company that can service all your jewelry needs you have just found one!

  • Diamond, jewelry, gold and watch buyers.

  • Consulting – Know what you have before you sell and what you need before you buy.

  • Brokers – We will assist in transactions involving the sale or purchase of important jewelry and Diamonds.

  • Appraisal services – If you want to know the value of your jewelry and Diamonds.

  • Insurance replacement – We replace lost or stolen goods for insurance companies and private clients.

  • Loans – We arrange short-term loans with jewelry and Diamonds as collateral.

  • Sell – We have a large selection of Diamonds, Mountings and Eternity bands.

  • Gold buyers – We have been buying this precious metal since 1980.

  • Trade Ups – We work with clients that wish to trade in their Diamonds for larger ones or wish to update their jewelry.

  • Jewelry and watch repair services.

Need a Gemologist in South Florida or Puerto Rico? CLICK HERE! WE WORK BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


Strictly private and confidential. WE WORK BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

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